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Lake Achensee in the heart of Tyrol

Water sports & bathing right at the hotel 

Tyrol’s largest lake right on the doorstep - this means that wet pleasures will be really close by. How about a cruise in the Alps, with a jolly stop at the lido or the trend sports kite surfing and stand up paddeling? The Tyrolean Lake Achensee offers the best conditions for water sports. Here in the midst of the alpine scenery you will be completely in your element, the water.

Sun bathing and bathing in Pertisau in Tyrol

In summer, Lake Achensee attracts day tourists as well as bathing holidaymakers to the region. With temperatures similar to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea jumping into the water will be always a refreshing experience. The shore of the lake is nonstop accessible for the public. Spots to go swimming are best be found in Pertisau and at the west shore. As the shallow areas in Buchau warm up especially quickly, they are very popular with young and old bathing guests. Moreover, there are also many beautiful places to linger and enjoy the view of Lake Achensee and watch the surfers and sailors in their passion. Situated between the Rofan and Karwendel mountains, the region unites the best of two worlds: mountains and lake.

An experience for the whole family in their holidays at Lake Achensee in Tyrol. Are you looking for an accommodation close to the lake? Come in to the family-friendly 4-star Hotel Pfandler - your home at Lake Achensee! Ideal for your holidays at the lake.

Pertisau lido

The heart of the Pertisau lido is the 5,000 sqm sunbathing lawn. A diving platform, water trampoline and an artificial iceberg to climb on are a guarantee for action. Children will also scream with joy on the water slide and, of course, there is also a beach volleyball court. Beach feeling in the lido! The kiosk will be the place for hungry and thirsty bathing guests to get snacks, ice cream and refreshing drinks. Tip: Just next to the lido you will find the shipyard of the Lake Achensee Cruise where you can watch the ships - this will be fun for the whole family. Entry to the Pertisau lido at Lake Achensee is free.

Buchau lido at Lake Achensee

A popular hotspot for families with children is the big lido in Eben in the village part Buchau. There you can go to Lake Achensee directly from the large parking lot to go swimming or sunbathing on the lawn with adjacent playground. The entry is free, you will only have to pay a small parking fee.

Achenkirch lido

On the north shore of Lake Achensee there is a large secluded swimming lagoon with a jetty and some highlights such as a playground and beach volleyball court. The entry is free, the parking lot is fee-based.

The water temperature at Lake Achensee

How warm can the water get at Lake Achensee?
In summer, the water can reach temperatures of approx. 17 to 20 °C. If it is very warm over a longer period of time, the water temperature can sometimes climb up to 22 degrees. Due to its maximum depth of 133 metres this is the maximum temperature at Lake Achensee and a jump into the water is therefore guaranteed refreshment.

Lake Achensee water temperature in winter
At the New Year’s Eve swim, brave swimmers have been venturing into the Tyrolean Achensee at a water temperature of four or five degrees for several years.

The latest trend: Sailing, surfing, kiting and SUP

Lake Achensee is particularly popular with sailors. The reason: its ideal wind conditions. In normal, fair weather conditions, thermals form between the towering Karwendel mountains in the west and the Rofan and Unnütz mountains in the east, with light southerly winds (1-2 Beaufort) in the morning and strong northerly winds (3-5 Beaufort) in the afternoon. Did you know? The Tyrolean water sports association Achensee (SCTWV) is one of the biggest sailing clubs in Austria, the home club of internationally known top sailors and organiser of national and international high-level regattas.

Surfers and kiters are popular guests at Lake Achensee and locals are not stingy with tips on the best spots. The curious can make their first attempts with a paraglieder at the Learn2Kite surf school.

The new trend SUP - stand-up paddeling has long since reached Lake Achensee. Those who do not have an own SUP can simply rent one at the Lake Achensee lido in Pertisau.

Look forward to an unforgettable active holiday in our Tyrolean region which unites both: the backdrop of the Alps and crystal-clear bathing fun. We recommend to book your accommodation at the 4-star Hotel Pfandler at Lake Achensee today - we look forward to seeing you!