Skyline of Innsbruck

Excursion destinations towards Innsbruck

Sightseeing in Tyrol - twoards Innsbruck

Tatzberg Castle, Stans

The Tratzberg Castle, a Renaissance jewel among Austria’s castles, was first mentioned in writing in the 13th century and served as the former border fortress against the Bavarians and the hunting lodge of Emperor Maximilian I. In 1847, the castle was passed over to the Counts of Enzenberg who still use it as a private residence.

Schwaz Silver Mine

Experience up-close how, 500 years ago, more than 10,000 miners searched for silver and copper under the order of the Fugger family and made Tyrol one of the richest lands in Europe. Long ago, Schwaz was one of the largest mining metropolises in the world with over 85% of the world’s silver production.

Planetarium Schwaz

The tremendous 360° screen with a surface of more than 100m² takes you to the mysterious world of planets, galaxies and stars with the help of sophisticated projection technology.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens

A water-spouting giant that magically draws visitors inside, where cabinets of wonder spark the fire of fantasy, managed to become an internationally recognised icon in the space of 12 years and has seen more than 7 million visitors.

Hall Mint & Tower

Trace the past, follow the history of the thaler and dollar. The rolling embossing machine and the ancestor of the dollar, the first thaler, are especially impressive. The Hasegg Castle’s famous tower is the emblem of the city of Hall.

Scenic Roads


The trip over the 2,509 metre-high Timmelsjoch, through the Ötz Valley’s glaciers into the South Tyrolean vineyards of the Passeier Valley to Meran and further into the south, will remain with you as an unforgettable experience.