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Paragliding in Tyrol

Achensee Paragliding School

For years it has been possible for people to learn to fly with incredibly light material and minimal technology. Learning how to use this paraglider “flying machine” should above all be both safe and lots of fun! The professional instructors at the Achensee Paragliding School (“Gleitschirmschule Achensee”) in Austria make it possible:

Principles of the paragliding school:

  • Experienced instructors
  • Best, most up-to-date canopies
  • Several ideal sites

In addition, the Achensee Paragliding School is a DHV Performance Centre (German Hang Gliding Association) and one of the few providers of DHV-authorised safety training. Thus professional flight training with competent instructors who meet the highest standards is guaranteed.

Take a paragliding course:

  • Introductory Course
  • Basic Course
  • Advanced Course
  • Heights Training
  • Combination Course
  • Winter Flying
  • B-License Theory (cross-country flying)
  • B-License Practice

Please take a look at the website of the Flugschule Achensee for further information.

If you are already a pilot:
The Achensee Paragliding School also has several courses on offer for advanced paragliders:

  • Basic Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Technique Training
  • Rescue Boat
  • Safety Training after a lengthy break from flying

Tandem paragliding on the mountain Sahneberg

There are moments in life when the world comes to a standstill.
Moments in which, for a short time, your heart stops beating.
Moments in which, afterwards, you are not sure how long they lasted.

One of these moments belongs to a tandem paragliding flight.

Call the Tandem Hotline to book a paragliding course on your holidays in Achensee, Austria: +43 664 5321467. Alternatively, ask at the Hotel Pfandler reception desk for help with your booking.

The breathtaking scenery, the clear air and the adrenaline kick are just some of the reasons why paragliding is so popular. Book your holiday at Hotel Pfandler on Lake Achensee and enjoy an unforgettable experience!