Skiers on the slope

Skiing again

Learn skiing again

How delightful to ski down the wonderful runs of the Zwölferkopf. Enjoy the pure mountain air blowing into your face. Spend lovely cosy evenings in our Hotel, relaxing, enjoying excellent food while outside it is cold and wintery.

Our Ski Instructors are specially trained to train people who have skied, then have made a ski pause. Back to where you left off. Success is sure owing to better equipment and modern teaching methods.

Back on the piste from the hotel in Pertisau

Our instructors teach without pressure so that all can just appreciate the pure joy of skiing, in small groups divided according to personal levels. We can also provide individual tuition if required, for really fast results. No matter what you decide you will be in good hands and new techniques and equipment for beginners.

Leave your car in our own private car park as the lifts and cable-car are just across the road opposite to the Hotel. Enjoy unforgettable days on the Achensee in Hotel Pfandler. We will be delighted to welcome you in our Hotel.

Book your skiing holiday at Hotel Pfandler in Pertisau and enjoy unforgettable days on the ski slopes around Lake Achensee.