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Massages in the Hotel Pfandler
at Lake Achensee

Massage offers for relaxation at the Achensee in Tyrol

Relaxing, invigorating treatments from our Spa & Wellness Programme are available for booking on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and on Friday, depending upon availability.
Take advantage of our hotel spa and wellness treatments and truly get into relaxation mode during your holidays in Tyrol, Austria!

Back massage : 25 min. € 43.00

Foot reflexology massage : 25 min. € 43.00

Full body massage : 50 min. € 74.00

For back and feet: 50 min. € 76.00

1 feet reflexology and

1 back massage

Hot Stone Massage: 50 min. € 83.00

Provides a state of deep relaxation of body and soul. For the conscious reduction of stress.

Hot Stone Massage: 25 min. € 45.00

Provides a state of deep relaxation of body and soul. For the conscious reduction of stress.

Alpine Herbs Pack : 50 min. € 69.00

Warm oil and herbs calm down and strenghten the immune system.

Easing of tension for the vertebrae: 50 min. € 76.00

  • 1 tension easing therapy (25 min.)
  • 1 pleasant Breuss massage (25 min.)

Aromatherapy Oil Massage: 50 min. € 76.00

Classic massage with warm oils. Combines the power of aromatherapy with the relaxing massage technique.

Oil peeling with sea salt: 25 min. € 43.00

Promotes breathing and blood circulation - is effective against lack of concentration and sleep disorders.

Ear candle treatment: 25 min. € 39.00

A cleansing treatment that soothes and relaxes. Particularly effective for mild ringing in the ears (tinnitus), blocked sinuses and stress.

Cupping treatment: 25 min. € 44.00

Deep effect due to the negative pressure in the cupping glasses. Deposits are loosened and transported away from the body.

Pumpkin Seed Treatment with Relaxation Massage: 50 min. € 69.00

Has a draining, detoxifying, exfoliating and optimal moisturizing effect on the skin.

Good for your feet: 50 min. € 76.00

  • 1 foot reflexology massage (25 min.)
  • 1 invigorating leg massage (25 min.)

From Head to Toe: 75 min. € 109.00

  • 1 foot reflexology massage (25 min.)
  • 1 full body massage (50 min.)