Arial view of Gasthof Pfandler in 1956

The hisotry of the Hotel
Pfandler at Lake Achensee

Family-run hotel with a long-standing tradition

Therese Huber (1867 – 1952)‚ the daughter of the family running Gasthof Pfandler in Pertisau, married Johann Entner (1867 – 1922) in the year 1900. He was son of the family who owned Gasthof Kirchenwirt in Munster.

From this marriage came 8 children:

  • Johann. 1900 – 1956 (Wiesenhof Pertisau)
  • Ernst. 1904 - 1946 fallen in Yugoslavia
  • Maria 1901 – 1920
  • Alois (Gasthaus Bierpeter in Bodensdorf on Lake Ossiach, Carinthia)
  • Theresia 1905 – 1997 married name Hödl (Pension Seerose, Pertisau)
  • Anton 1906 – 1990 (took over the familybusiness Gasthof Pfandler)
  • Josef 1910 – 1984 (Strandhotel Entner, Pertisau)
  • Kreszenz (1910)

1906 - Therese Entner (born Huber) took over her parental home with her husband Johann. To use her own words: “Johann we could take over Pfandler. If you like it we’ll stay. In Kirchenwirt your parents are always meddling.” They stayed!

1922 - Therese bought the neighbouring estate “Bauer”, today’s Wiesenhof. This property was taken over by their oldest son, Johann.
Anton Entner (b. 1906) took over his parental home Gasthof Pfandler in 1947 and developed it step-by-step into a hotel.

1954 - A permanent dining room was built replacing the veranda.

1961 - Anton had 18 hotel rooms with a shower and WC built onto the northern part of the building. These facilities, in this number, were very innovative at the time.

1970 – An addition was built to house staff, in order to accommodate the still large discount store.

1972/1973 - Reconstruction of the 1st and 2nd floors as well as the attic floor created  a total of 33 hotel rooms. In addition, an indoor swimming pool and sauna were constructed. Mr. Entner also established a new restaurant for the hotel guests. At this time the rooms that today are the Antonius “Stube” and Pfandler “Stube” were constructed.

1976 – Renovation of the dining room. New rooms were furnished on the attic floor.

1981 - Remodelling of the ground floor takes place. A bar (today’s buffet room) and the reception as well as a “Stube” dining room with panelling were built.

1983 - Anton Entner Sr. builds a flat for his family in the hotel.

1985 - Expansive room reconstruction on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors (renovation of the addition from 1961).

1986 - In May, Anton Entner Jr. marries his wife Andrea (b. Kothgasser)

1987 - Birth of Markus Entner in July

1988 - Birth of Julia Entner in August

1989 - 11 new rooms in the southern part of the hotel building are developed.

2003 - New construction of the relaxation and massage rooms under the newly built terrace.

2006 - Large renovations characterised the autumn of this year. The most striking change was the hollowing out of the 1st floor, ground floor and basement on the western side. A few rooms were redecorated, a completely new kitchen was installed and generous storage areas were created. The former thoroughfare was given a basement and a new reception and bar were added on to the hotel lobby. Three new lifts and a second staircase were also built. The small discount store was reduced in size and since then has been run as a hotel shop with useful holiday items.

2007 - New construction and renovation of 10 suites (Pfandler, “Entennest” and “Bergwelt”).

2008 - Renovation of rooms on the west side on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

2009 - Construction of 5 new staff rooms.

2010 - Renovation of rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors on the north side.

2012 - Renovation of rooms built in 1989 in the southern part of the hotel building.

2013 - The old swimming pool was set in the shell and redesigned and furnished from scratch. The swimming pool was re-sealed and equipped with a counter-current system. A winter garden enlarges the relaxing area around the pool. The entrance area with showers, toilletes and wardrobe got a makeover.

2018 The gutting and complete refurbishment of 20 rooms on all floors was a great investment in living comfort. Also this time we created, with natural materials and tasteful furnishings, places for well-being.

2019 The Pfandler suites such as Entennest and Bergwelt were newly furnished. Real oak floors were used and all rooms got comfortable box spring beds.

2020 After a long time there was a wedding in the house in June. Markus Entner married his wife Marlene. (b. Flörl)

2021 Instead of a busy winter season, renovation work was on the agenda at the beginning of the year. The finnish sauna has been made new and bigger. Some rooms received new floors, new windows and new bathrooms. On the eastern ground floor towards the garden, 3 rooms with barrier-free furnishings were created. Some adaptions behind the scenes ensure the functionality of the technology.

2021 Birth of Maria Entner in September.

2022 Birth of Martha Entner in September.

2024 Birth of Martin Entner in April.